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About Me

I'm Kelly and I am an artist and Certified Zentangle Teacher.
I know the world seems to be filled with stress and anxiety and change right now.
There is a silver lining though, and that's that we live in an age where we have options and now geography isn't a barrier for classes, community and learning.
With the changes that have come about with social distancing I have moved all my classes online. You can register for my events on my website at whimsybykelly.com, like my facebook page (Whimsy by Kelly) or follow me on Instagram.. guess what, same name, I'm Whimsy by Kelly there as well, or you can keep me company in this little curated world I'm creating here.
Every Saturday morning I offer a free live video where I dive into a tangle and try to create some variations and spark your imagination to come up with new and exciting ways to enhance your tangle practice. Currently those are being done on Facebook live, posted to youtube and my website, but eventually those will all move here.

I offer classes designed for all skill levels, including those with a lot of experience and those that have not yet made their first line or paintbrush stroke.
I am an artist of many mediums and love to share what I know and am learning myself with others.

I offer 1 hour watercolor classes designed for beginners, Zentangle classes, lettering and papercraft classes as well as many others.
Some of my classes are currently focused on Zentangle inspired art, because I'm also a watercolorist who teaches classes in that as well, but I also do many classes focused solely on tangling for those who are looking at it as an avenue to decrease the stress and anxiety that we are facing in life.
Whether you are looking to start tangling, painting, adding knowledge, skills and variety to a current tangle practice or branch out into new and fun artwork... if you are looking to relax, be more mindful or even just fill a couple hours to stave off some boredom I have something for you.
If you are interested in a class I taught that you've seen elsewhere (IG, Facebook,etc) and you don't see it offered, email me.
I can always do a private class or add it to next months schedule!

Here's a hint of what I've done in the past... but things are a little different now.
We will get through this together.

(Pre-covid profile!)

I want to tell you a little bit about me and what I can bring to your creative Experience. I live in Western NY (downtown Buffalo NY!)
I do a lot of work with Family of a Vet, Songwriting with Soldiers and the Spinal Cord Injury community.
I'm pretty sure I was born with crayons in my hand and I've wanted to "be an artist" and a make a living that way my whole life, instead I took the fast track in the corporate world. Even then I looked for every opportunity to showcase my creative side, which lead me to the realization that I already AM an artist. Recently, I decided it was time to pursue what I love. I launched Whimsy by Kelly where I teach as much as I can as well as sell a collection of custom artwork. A few years ago, I discovered Zentangle®. Suddenly I'm doing what I love, all the time. Zentangle let's you embrace life and brings out what's great inside of you.

Why You Should Join Me

Creativity thrives when surrounded by more creativity. I often find that I do my best work and am most inspired after spending time with other people who are filled with creative energy. Whether it's painters, sculptors, illustrators, calligraphy artists, or knitters, papercrafters or stained glass artists, there's something about makers that unite us all.
This is a community that embraces that, nourishes it and let's it thrive!
Come make your mark, learn something new, make  new friends and have some fun. 

A Big Thanks

Thanks for joining me and the rest of the community here. I know that together we can create a haven of like minded individuals who want to make the world a better, more beautiful place. 

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